Consultation charges depend on the:

  • Time needed to complete the consultation:

    • Including the documentation of clinical findings

    • In-depth searches

    • And the writing of replies & letters of referral

  • Complexity of the medical problems

Professional Charges from 2023

Consultation Fees

General Hematology & Internal Medicine

  • S$280.00 for every 30 minutes

Advanced Hematology

      • S$420.00 to S$490.00 for every 30 minutes

Investigations & Procedure Fees

Minor Surgical Procedures

      • S$200.00 to S$900.00

Bone Marrow Aspiration

      • S$840.00 for each site

Bone Marrow Trephine Biopsy

      • S$840.00 for each site

Bone Marrow Aspiration Microscopy Report

      • S$840.00 for each site

Peripheral Blood Film Microscopy Report

      • S$350.00

Specialist Health Screening Packages

Minimal, Basic, Recommended or Customized

      • from S$1,600.00

Additional Charges

  • Prescription fees & medicines

  • Medical Certificate (MC) fees

  • Medical Report fees, including reports for insurance claims

  • Administrative fees

  • Consumables charges

  • Laboratory & imaging fees, including fees for the handling of specimens

  • Minor surgical procedure fees

  • Use of facilities fees

  • 20% surcharge for foreigners

  • 50% surcharge for consultations outside regular working hours

  • 8% GST on the final total bill

Strictly NO Discounts

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