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Collaborating Author Molecular Biology Research Papers - international

  1. Urashima M, Ogata A, Chauhan D, Vidriales MB, Teoh G, Hoshi Y, Schlossman RL, DeCaprio JA, Anderson KC. Interleukin-6 promotes multiple myeloma cell growth via phosphorylation of retinoblastoma protein. Blood 1996 Sep 15;88(6):2219-2227.

  2. Urashima M, Hoshi Y, Sugimoto Y, Kaihara C, Matsuzaki M, Chauhan D, Ogata A, Teoh G, DeCaprio JA, Anderson KC. A novel pre-B acute lymphoblastic leukemia cell line with chromosomal translocation between p16(INK4A)/p15(INK4B) tumor suppressor and immunoglobulin heavy chain genes: TGFbeta/IL-7 inhibitory signaling mechanism. Leukemia 1996 Oct;10(10):1576-1583.

  3. Chauhan D, Kharbanda S, Ogata A, Urashima M, Teoh G, Robertson M, Kufe DW, Anderson KC. Interleukin-6 inhibits Fas-induced apoptosis and stress-activated protein kinase activation in multiple myeloma cells. Blood 1997 Jan 1;89(1):227-234.

  4. Urashima M, Teoh G, Chauhan D, Hoshi Y, Ogata A, Treon SP, Schlossman RL, Anderson KC. Interleukin-6 overcomes p21WAF1 upregulation and G1 growth arrest induced by dexamethasone and interferon-gamma in multiple myeloma cells. Blood 1997 Jul 1;90(1):279-289.

  5. Urashima M, Chen BP, Chen S, Pinkus GS, Bronson RT, Dedera DA, Hoshi Y, Teoh G, Ogata A, Treon SP, Chauhan D, Anderson KC. The development of a model for the homing of multiple myeloma cells to human bone marrow. Blood 1997 Jul 15;90(2):754-765.

  6. Chauhan D, Pandey P, Ogata A, Teoh G, Treon S, Urashima M, Kharbanda S, Anderson KC. Dexamethasone induces apoptosis of multiple myeloma cells in a JNK/SAP kinase independent mechanism. Oncogene 1997 Aug 14;15(7):837-843.

  7. Ogata A, Chauhan D, Teoh G, Treon SP, Urashima M, Schlossman RL, Anderson KC. IL-6 triggers cell growth via the Ras-dependent mitogen-activated protein kinase cascade. J Immunol 1997 Sep 1;159(5):2212-2221.

  8. Urashima M, DeCaprio JA, Chauhan D, Teoh G, Ogata A, Treon SP, Hoshi Y, Anderson KC. p16INK4A promotes differentiation and inhibits apoptosis of JKB acute lymphoblastic leukemia cells. Blood 1997 Nov 15;90(10):4106-4115.

  9. Urashima M, Teoh G, Ogata A, Chauhan D, Treon SP, Hoshi Y, DeCaprio JA, Anderson KC. Role of CDK4 and p16INK4A in interleukin-6-mediated growth of multiple myeloma. Leukemia 1997 Nov;11(11):1957-1963.

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  15. Treon SP, Mollick JA, Urashima M, Teoh G, Chauhan D, Ogata A, Raje N, Hilgers JHM, Nadler L, Belch AR, Pilarski LM, Anderson KC. Muc-1 core protein is expressed on multiple myeloma cells and is induced by dexamethasone. Blood 1999 Feb 15;93(4):1287-1298.

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  17. Raje N, Gong J, Chauhan D, Teoh G, Avigan D, Wu Z, Chen D, Treon SP, Webb IJ, Kufe DW, Anderson KC. Bone marrow and peripheral blood dendritic cells from patients with multiple myeloma are phenotypically and functionally normal despite the detection of Kaposi's sarcoma herpesvirus gene sequences. Blood 1999 Mar 1;93(5):1487-1495.

  18. Chauhan D, Hideshima T, Treon S, Teoh G, Raje N, Shima Y, Tai YT, Li W, Fan J, DeCaprio J, Anderson KC. Functional interaction between retinoblastoma protein and stress-activated protein kinase in multiple myeloma cells. Cancer Res 1999 Mar 15;59(6):1192-1195.

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  24. Tai Y-T, Teoh G, Lin B, Davies FE, Chauhan D, Treon SP, Raje N, Hideshima T, Shima Y, Podar K, Anderson KC. Ku86 variant expression and function in multiple myeloma cells is associated with increased sensitivity to DNA damage. J Immunol 2000 Nov 165:6347-6355.

Collaborating Author Molecular Biology Research Papers - local

  1. Liew PX, Gullo  C, Teoh GKH, Hwang WKH. Use of Phage Display to Isolate Specific Human Monoclonal Antibody Fragments against a Potential Target for Multiple Myeloma. Ann Acad Med Singapore. 2009 Jul;38(7):621-9.

Collaborating Author Clinical Research Papers - international

  1. Linn YC, Tien SL, Lim LC, Lee LH, Teoh G, Goh YT, Tan P. Haemophagocytosis in bone marrow aspirate--a review of the clinical course of 10 cases. Acta Haematol 1995;94(4):182-191.

  2. Hwang W, Dearden C, Loh YSM, Linn YC, Tien SL, Teoh GKH, How GF, Heng KK, Goh TY, Lee LH. Outpatient-Based Therapy of Oral Fludarabine and Subcutaneous Alemtuzumab for Asian Patients with Relapsed/Refractory Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. Adv Hematol. 2009;2009:547582. Epub 2008 Feb 25.

  3. Tan Daryl, Teoh Gerrard, Lau LC, Lim Alvin, Lim T, Yap Kok, Lao ZT, Wee Nelson, Choo Christine, Wee H, Su Su, Lee Y, Lee Lai, Hwang William, Goh Y. An Abnormal Non-Hyperdiploid Karyotype is a Significant Adverse Prognostic Factor for Multiple Myeloma in the Bortezomib Era. Am J Hematol. 2010 Oct;85(10):752-6.

  4. Tan D, Kim K, Kim JS, Eom HS, Teoh G, Ong KH, Goh YT, Durie BG, Chng WJ, Lee JH. The impact of upfront versus sequential use of bortezomib among patients with newly diagnosed multiple myeloma (MM): A joint analysis of the Singapore MM Study Group and the Korean MM Working Party for the Asian myeloma network. Leuk Res. 2013 Jun 28. 

Collaborating Author Clinical Papers - local
  1. Koh LP, Goh YT, Teoh G, Tan P. Treatment of acute promyelocytic leukaemia using a combination of all-trans-retinoic-acid and chemotherapy. Ann Acad Med, Singapore 2001 30:401-408.

  2. Koh LP, Linn YC, Teoh G, Goh YT,Tan P. Autologous transplantation for multiple myeloma. Ann Acad Med, Singapore 2002 31(6):731-737.