First Asia-Pacific
Co-operative Multicentre
Clinical Trial in Multiple Myeloma

Teoh G, Chen Y, Kim K, Srivastava A, Pai VR, Yoon SS, Suh C, Kim YK. Lower Dose Dexamethasone/Thalidomide and Zoledronic Acid Every 3 Weeks in Previously Untreated Multiple Myeloma. Clin Lymphoma Myeloma Leuk. 2012 Apr;12(2):118-26. Epub 2011 Dec 28.

    • Also called the DAZZLE Study.
    • Dr Teoh was the International Study Chairman.

A Guide Book for Choosing Treatment that Best Fits Patients with Multiple Myeloma

Teoh G. Towards Individualized Therapy for Multiple Myeloma. World Scientific Publishing Co Pte Ltd 2009 ISBN-13 978-981-283-579-6 (pbk). ISBN-10 981-283-579-2 (pbk).

"This very provocative book takes the reader on a “think-out-of-the-box” journey through the development of a treatment regimen for Multiple Myeloma called “dtZ”. It is a firsthand account of how more than 50 patients with Myeloma were given a non-toxic, precisely-targeted, anti-cancer treatment that was specifically adapted to their individual cancers. These Individualized Anti-Cancer Targeted Therapies (smart bombs) have produced amongst the best response as well as survival rates for Myeloma. Accordingly, the author argues that some patients might even have been “cured” of their cancers.

The concepts and logic behind “dtZ” are carefully presented in simple language so that both doctors and patients can easily understand them. Numerous tables and figures are provided together with clear and simple explanations. This book is a valuable resource for all patients with Myeloma who want to get the most out of their treatment by individualizing treatment to suit their needs. It is particularly recommended for patients who have just been diagnosed with Myeloma who are taking that very important first step in their treatment. It is also a useful guide for doctors, nurses and researchers who treat and/or study Myeloma."